Pierre Martens first tackled the bassoon at the age of eight. His first love and passion for this unique and tall companion were set to never abandon him.

Pierre excelled academically, demonstrating unparalleled technique and dedication at the Music Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium (tutored by Pierre Kerremans), then progressing to the Escola Superior da Musica de Porto, Portugal (tutored by Hugues Kesteman), and finally graduating for the third time at the Hochschule für Musik de Karlsuhe, Germany (tutored by Professor Günther Pfitzenmaier).

At the age of 22, Pierre started his orchestral career as the solo bassoon of the Flemish Radio Orchestra (Belgium) and succeeded to leap three years later towards one of the most prestigious European Orchestras: the Bamberger Symphoniker in Germany. From Tokyo to New York, Moscow to Sao Paolo, he has showcased his talent in the world's most grandiose arenas and has delivered tremendous performances in the most renowned festivals of Salzburg, Lucerne and Edinburgh, to name but a few.

As a solo artist, he has won many national and international awards such as the Tenuto (Belgium), the International Competition of Musical Personalities Alexandre Tansman (Lodz, Poland), and the Pacem in Terris (Beyreuth, Germany).What's more he played as a soloist in a diverse array of European orchestras including the Bamberger Symphoniker (Germany), the Sinfonietta Baltica (Germany), and the Vlaams Radio Orchestra (Belgium), Brussels Festival Orchestra (Belgium),….

Several composers have dedicated new material to the young artist, broadening our understanding of the bassoon and giving us wider access to an enlarged repertoire. Last but not least, Pierre participated to numerous CD, TV and Radio recordings in a Pan-European capacity.

Passionate about giving back what he has learned and knowledge transfer, he started tutoring and mentoring at the Gent Hogeschool (Belgium), the Nürnberg Musikhochschule (Germany) and the illustrious Lübeck Musikhoschule, where he received a Professorship. At the same time, he leads the woodwind section of the Bayreuth Young Artists Festival and regularly delivers Master Classes in Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Brazil.